27 2021

Entries Opening Soon for Greystoke Stages 2021

Supplementary regulations are now available to download from the competitor and results section.

This year we have 35 miles incorporating new stage layouts for only £395.00.

Entries open Mon 9th August at 19.00

08 2021

Greystoke Stages 2021 - Rescheduled

The Greystoke Stages Rally Committee would like to advise that we have made a decision to reschedule this year’s Greystoke Stages from Sunday July 4th until Sunday 19th September. The reasons behind this are that the organising clubs have been offered the opportunity to run an additional rally in Greystoke Forest this summer. Given that there has been limited forest rallying in recent months then the consideration to run two events this summer is seen as a great opportunity. The difficult job has been when looking at the calendar and considering the very different dependencies each event has as well as the availability of key people for both events, is to find a suitable date. In the end it was felt that the best compromise to enable both events to run is to reschedule the traditional Greystoke Stages for Sunday 19th September. We apologise to those that had already made plans for the original date and we really hope you can still join us on Sept 19th. The additional rally we are planning will follow a different format to that of the traditional Greystoke Stages and further details of this event will be announced soon.

Greystoke Stages Organising Committee

25 2021

Greystoke Stages 2021

Greystoke Stages would like to announce that we have been given a permit from MSUK to run the Greystoke Stages on Sunday 4th July 2021.

A lot of work has already been done behind the scenes which we will continue with and update you with all the much needed information on this page throughout the coming months.

Greystoke Stages Organising Commitee

07 2020

Greystoke Stages 2020 - Cancelled

Unfortunately we have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Greystoke Stages due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation. Whilst disappointing for all of us, we will just move our focus on to running a good event in 2021. We had a few new ideas planned in for this July that we will just have to save for next year. As always we really appreciate all of the support we get from officials, club members, marshals and competitors in running this event so we hope everyone stays safe and we look forward to seeing you sometime around July in 2021.

24 2020

Greystoke Stages 2020

The organisers intention currently is that the Greystoke Stages will still run on July 5 2020. The event can only go ahead if it is permitted, safe and responsible to do so and at the moment this remains unknown due to Covid 19. Nonetheless, we are continuing to work, plan and prepare behind the scenes so that the event will be ‘ready to run’ should the situation allow it to do so.

11 2019

Greystoke Thanks

Another successful Greystoke Stages completed thanks to the efforts of all involved especially the stage safety teams and the large number of marshals who turned out.

Needless to say, we had dusty conditions again although not as bad as 2018 that had resulted in us losing a stage.

With plenty of variety of cars to see and a minimal number of incidents it was hopefully an enjoyable day for those out in the forest. A great result from Frank Bird who is possibly going to be someone to watch out for.

To view details of the results, go to the competitor page of the website.

Many thanks for all of your help, see you in 2020?

04 2019

News Update

Final instructions and seeded entry list are currently available in the competitor section of the website. Don’t forget noise test, scrutineering and signing on will be from 15.00 until 18.00 on Saturday. NO TRAILERS IN NEWBIGGIN PLEASE!

22 2019

Greystoke 2019

So here is the news that many will have been waiting for ….

Entries for the Greystoke Stages 2019 will open at 1900 on Tuesday 28th May.

The stage format for this year will be very similar to 2018 with approximately 38 miles of high-quality stages and in-forest servicing. The entry fee will be £390.

As in previous years we are expecting that there will be a high demand for the 55 places available so don’t delay in getting your completed entries ready! For entries to be confirmed we will require application details to be substantially completed and the entry fee paid.

We look forward to seeing you on 7th July!

10 2019

Joining Forces

We are happy to announce that West Cumbria Motorsport Club are to be joined by Eden Valley Motor Club to run the Greystoke Stages rally in 2019. Joining forces will provide an increased depth of experience to the organising team and ensure the continuation of the popular event. Senior officials will be provided from the two clubs.

This year’s Greystoke is on Sunday 7 July 2019 and we look forward to seeing you all again in July as either competitors, marshals or officials.

Do keep viewing the Greystoke web site and Facebook page for further news.

12 2018

Greystoke Marshal Draw

As always, we could not have run Greystoke this year without the support of the many marshals. This year was particularly arduous for them being subjected to the dreadful combined conditions of heat and epic amounts of dust and we are most grateful for their fantastic commitment.

As usual we held a draw for those signed-on marshals as a small token of our appreciation, the recipients this year are:

Nathan Martin, High Harrington

Dean Wren, Workington

Chris Walker, Carlisle

Many thanks guys your awards are on the way.

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